Money Savings Advice Editorial Guide and Principles

Money Savings Advice Editorial Guide and Principles

We at are focused on providing valuable information to our readers through detailed up-to-date information and content covering a wide range of financial subjects.

Readers and site visitors may need support with consumer issues or help with their day-to-day or sudden financial concerns. Our aim is to help them navigate the financial world by providing accurate information that helps our readers make an informed decision, without providing financial advice or preferential guidance to any financial firm.

We aim to provide that information in a jargon-free house style to help readers take control of their finances, enabling them to ask the right questions to their financial advisor or whoever is helping them with their finances.

We deliver content that is accurate, impartial and fair at the point of writing. However we are not perfect, and we accept no liability if anything we write about becomes out of date or misinterprets a product’s claims.

The principles behind our content

Our content creators are free to find information to help readers save money and provide links to solutions that pragmatically deal with financial issues. We do not offer independent financial advice. Neither Money Savings Advice or RMM Digital Publishing Ltd are aligned to or partnered with another financial firm or institution. We do not provide preferential treatment in our writing to one company over another, our aim is to provide unbiased factual financial information that our readers can use and ask questions about.

Readers should always do their own research and only take out financial products or services that are suitable for their circumstances. Their financial decisions should not be based solely on any specific information they have read on Money Savings Advice.

Products and services that links to, affiliate links and other resources are provided for the benefit of our readers to complete their detailed personal research. 

Reviews, advice and articles on the site or in our newsletter are independent of any financial aspect of our business. 

Affiliate links are indicated as such across the site and newsletter, however, affiliate links are in no way an endorsement of these products or services.

We may link to services, products and offers, but we do not comment or guarantee on the quality of service readers may receive from third-parties. 

If you, as either a reader or a business representative have a question about, please contact [email protected] in the first instance. 

Any comments on the website or responses to our social media may not reflect the views of the team.

Principles for writers

Whenever we create content, the key guiding principles are:

  • We act as the voice of the consumer.
  • We do not charge visitors to save them money.
  • We do not disparage or criticise financial institutions or companies.
  • We DO NOT GIVE financial advice, and never position our content as such. 

Tone of voice

We are all in this together, anyone could face a financial crisis or have a question they need answering, and our style should reflect that. 

  • We are friendly and helpful to our readers.
  • We keep language simple and clear, avoiding industry terms and acronyms, but if we use industry terms and acronyms they must be explained fully.
  • We remain empathetic to any problems or issues readers might have.
  • Focus on providing solutions over discussing financial problems. 
  • Highlight the benefits of an outcome.

Where we collect or store any personal data, for data protection legislation, LBLK Publishing Ltd is the controller of your personal information and our address is First Floor, 85 Great Portland Street, London, W1W. Our data protection number is ZA747669.


The site is not responsible for the content of external sites. 

Rates, offers and other information posted on this site will be accurate at the time of writing but this information can change or expire over time. 

How does Money Savings Advice work

Money Savings Advice is an independent editorial company providing detailed information about numerous financial niches with the aim of helping consumers make informed financial decisions. We aim to provide hints, tips and techniques to help you make your money work for you. However, we are not perfect, and we accept no liability if anything we write about goes wrong.

  • The information detailed on Money Savings Advice does not constitute financial advice. It is always advised to do your own research to make sure the product/solution we write about fits your circumstances.
  • The aim of Money Savings Advice is to match you with a financial advisor, claims management company or another financial service company that can help you with your financial needs.
  • Money Savings Advice aim to provide the most up to date and accurate information about all financial subjects, and as such we sometimes link to other websites, but we (Money Savings Advice) can’t be responsible for their content.
  • Money Savings Advice is independent and not linked to any financial company.


Who are Money Savings Advice

Money Savings Advice is a trading name of RMM Digital Publishing Ltd. Registered trading address, First Floor, 85 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LT. Trading in England and Wales, company number 11550143 with data protection number ZA747669.

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