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Online investing goes far beyond tracking the wild mood swings of Bitcoin. enables anyone to invest in a wide range of opportunities, including exciting startups, property, and even video games. Find out more about this innovative service and how it can help you become a more successful investor.


Many of us would have loved to invest in some of the more successful cryptocurrencies in their formative years. However, back then, there were layers of complexity to get into the scene. Even relatively recent investment apps are minefields of jargon and complicated transfer structures.

Similarly, investing in startups, real estate, and game concepts are all possible but spread across many apps and services, diluting attention and putting investors at risk of missing a great deal. A single funding portal is a simpler and easier way to do business. In 2016, Republic spun out of AngelList and brought rewards to a growing pool of investors.

Republic offers a less stressful way to invest in companies, startups, and other vehicles, all without the need to worry about the background detail. Using one investment platform makes this ideal for individual and institutional investors to discover under-the-radar investment opportunities that are curated to boost the chance of better equity and more substantial returns. Investing for the long term

Of course, returns do not magically appear overnight with business investing; typical returns can take four to six years to materialise. So, this is not some quick profit scheme but a serious way to look at investing in venture capital.

Through the website or the iOS mobile app, is an investor-friendly and accessible way to become an investor. Firms using the site offer minimum investments so everyone can take part on a strong platform to invest alongside venture capital and angel investors in the hottest trends.

According to its data, Republic has generated over $150 million in investment in the last 12 months, has over a million members, and has seen over 250 deals done from seed and series A,B,C+ funding rounds through to IPO.

How works

Becoming an investor through is not much different from any platform. There is a simple sign up process; all you do is create an account. Then, accept the risk, limitations and diversification waivers (after all, any investment can go up as well and down) and submit your payment details and proof of identity.

On the other side of the login, after creating a profile about yourself to highlight your value to prospective companies (some of whom will selectively choose who to accept as an investor), is a world of opportunity where much of the due diligence process has been done for you.

How much can I invest with

The first question you might ask is, "how much money can I invest?" and the answer is between $2,000 to $100,000 based on your worth and investing history. Individual investors can dive into the New York real estate market, biofuels and health foods, virtual security guards, new insurance platforms, among many opportunities.

Some have minimum investment levels; others are open to all with perks for investing, just like on a crowdfunding platform. Each has a profile identifying the business or societal problem they claim to solve, a look at their product and other useful information. Some of it is quite detailed, some rather early stage. Of course, you should still do your research, digging into the details about any market and opportunity.

Looking for that unique investment with

If you find a product or service that answers a question you see no one else solving, you can send over the funds and get investing. Naturally, you should only invest as much as you can afford and lookout for a growth opportunity or area where acquisition interest is high.

Although the service is based in the US, operates in dollars, and most companies on the site are based in North America, you do not have to be a US citizen to invest. UK citizens can invest, but sometimes the prospect company will only accept funds from particular regions. You should also be aware that Republic keeps 6% of cash funds raised, and there is a 2.5% processing fee for payments made on a credit card.

Building up your

From startups to securities, a fundraising campaign to high-risk investments, there is something for every type of investor at a price you can afford. Sectors include; agriculture, communication, construction, consumer goods, real-estate, energy, fashion, finance, food, gaming, healthcare, down to wellness, or work and productivity.

Many investments are focused on the cryptocurrency or blockchain markets, with founders and teams looking to stand out above the intense competition. Or if you want to invest in something literally more organic, there is compost (927% of minimum goal raised) or biofuels to invest in.

Searching for investments with

If you can't see something in your field to invest in, just search - looking for "legal" or "risky" can help provide inspiration as you build up a portfolio of prospects from which you can choose to invest.
The Republic highlights tab also has examples with high profits, notable founders or investors and high-value firms to help filter your options, depending on your ambitions. With no fees and low prices for some opportunities, plenty of venture capital is seeking firms to invest in.

You might ask how these firms and opportunities got on Republic. Rest assured that only 5% of prospects end up on the site thanks to strong due diligence and a tough screening process. It considers factors such as business model, social impact, market, fact checks, runway and other criteria before a prospect is admitted.

As a bonus, if you happen to work for or know a startup founder or employees looking for funding, if you help get it onto the Republic platform, you can earn $1,000 in your account wallet.

Making investment decisions on

The word 'disruption' is overused in all business circles, but Republic highlights plenty of opportunities across its investment platform. Most have unique or niche qualities to deliver a successful solution to the market and profit or income for investors.

Having researched industries and found investment or fundraising opportunities, you can start investing with the click of a button. Or, you can take more time to get more information on a company before risking your cash.

Return on investments with

As with other investments, it is a matter of taking the time to see how your investment does and whether it delivers the return on investment in cash, stock, or other benefits. Finding ways to diversify your portfolio is strongly recommended. When you come to invest, there are usually a few entries in strong categories such as lawyers and legal services, shopping and retail, or traditional industries to improve your return.

If you are not sure what to invest in, Republic has a free to use Autopilot mode. This automatically builds a diversified startup portfolio based on your interests for a smart way to diversify without stress—no worrying about the lowest price, company value or date of return, and it's all free.

Another opportunity for returns is the Crowd SDA, a debt crowdfunding-specific example of a typical debt agreement between lenders (you, the investor) and companies in exchange for the chance to earn a return as cash interest payments.

What you get from

One of the main investment drivers is known as Crowd SAFE. This is a simple future equity agreement based on performance. Investors get a return, usually in the form of equity or a cash payout, if the prospect company is acquired, goes for an IPO, or sells off its assets.

Other returns involve crowdfunding for rewards, such as the product the company plans to produce. Crowdfunding is a great way to get early access to cool products or help deliver innovation in markets. You can also invest to gain an equity stake based on your level of support or, if you are feeling altruistic, make donations where the investor does not expect a reward for charitable efforts.

What are the risks of investing via

As with any investment, there is a risk. While Republic claims a high success rate, investments might not reach their payout goals or reach delivery of rewards. They might not even get to market, especially with the speculative nature of some of the projects. That's all part of the cost of investing, which is par for the course for those investing in securities or other funding opportunities.

Using the Wait List feature

Given that you cannot withdraw your money to cut your losses once you have invested, you should be doing more preparation and planning ahead of time.

One way you can vary your investment is the Wait List feature. This happens when a project has raised its funding requirement, a good sign of potential success for a startup or team. You can still register your interest, and if earlier investors' funds fall through, then later investors can take their place.

While your commitment of funds is listed on the Wait List, you can reduce or increase the amount. Sometimes going slower is a good way to get your investment accepted, as a large "failed" investment might let in several smaller investors to make up the difference. in summary

If you have money burning a hole in your wallet and are looking for something different to invest in beyond the usual crypto mayhem, Republic provides a range of opportunities. Whatever your budget, from private investing to accredited investors, from the lowest price high-concept venture capital deal to post-COVID success stories in real estate or healthcare, you can find a subject of interest.

With 90% of Republic, which is a part of OpenDeal Inc, campaigns successfully funded, including big names in entertainment like Intellivision Amico, Cere Network and Gumroad, there is a strong chance of success. And investing in businesses, a team or a fundraiser on Republic's platform provides a longer-term investment platform without you having to keep checking date or stock prices for key events.

Looking for startups in all the right places

It is easy to submit commitments through the Republic app or website, get to know Republic's network of investors, and track trends. You will get regular updates through their email list and can jump on a good investment if you are in the UK alongside other accredited investors, making you feel like a big player no matter how much money you want to put in. Visit the Republic site for more information.

Even if you just want to sign up and find out more details about the startups, companies, funding opportunities and founders, Republic is a mine of information and a great way to profit.

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