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If you’re not getting hot water from your taps, it’s likely that your boiler is to blame. Boiler faults may leave you without water and might also stop your central heating. Fix your boiler to get your hot water back.

Hot water problems can be traced back to your boiler. If it isn’t working properly, supplies of hot water will be intermittent at best. You might find that you have no hot water at all, that you only get hot water some of the time or that your hot water quickly runs out.

Problems with your boiler can leave you unable to wash the dishes, have a wash or take a bath. Read on to learn more about problems with your boiler when there’s no hot water from taps.

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Common Broken Boiler Problems

If you’re not getting hot water in your house, there are several common problems to look for. The issue may be a problem with a valve, or an issue with the thermostat.

Many common boiler problems need to be looked at by professionals. Your boiler is a delicate piece of equipment. Making a mistake could be expensive as the best-case scenario, dangerous at worst.

First, check for common issues that you can deal with at home. If the boiler pressure’s dropped, it may not be kicking in as it should. You can find the appropriate valve within easy reach of your boiler, adding more water until you hear the boiler fire up. Make sure that you close the valve as soon as your boiler starts working.

If your boiler pressure keeps dropping, there’s a bigger problem to deal with. You may have a leak or a problem with your pressure relief valve. If it happens only rarely, it may just need occasional top-ups. Often boiler pressures drop more in winter, during cold weather, if the heating’s not been used in a few days.

Pilot Light Problems

Your boiler has a large flame that makes it work as it should. The large flame is fed by a smaller flame that’s called the pilot light. If your pilot light goes out, there’s nothing available to fire up the boiler when it’s needed.

The pilot light may stop working if there’s a draught that’s blowing it out. It may also go out if the gas supply isn’t consistent, or if something is blocked. Don’t try to relight the pilot light if you think there’s a problem with the gas supply.

Getting Help With Boiler Problems

Boiler problems should be fixed by Safe Gas engineers. These are engineers with the appropriate qualifications and training to deal with gas appliances. Working with gas can be dangerous, with one wrong move putting you at serious risk. You must always be sure that you’re choosing engineers that know what they’re doing with a boiler.

Paying for Boiler Repairs

If you’ve got no hot water from your taps, and you need boiler repairs, you should be prepared to pay a callout charge as well as the cost of parts and labour. Boiler repairs can be expensive.

In some cases, repairing a boiler isn’t worth it. An engineer may recommend a total boiler replacement, especially if your boiler is old. A typical boiler should last for around 10-15 years, though some models will last for longer and other might wear out much quicker.

Boiler repair and replacement insurance can help you with the costs of boiler maintenance. Your insurance may cover the parts and labour costs, though you might have to pay an insurance excess that replaces the engineer callout charge. Check the terms of your agreement when you sign up.

Remember that a boiler can break at any time. Unless yours is still under warranty, you’ll need to have the money to pay for repairs or a replacement. Nobody can be without their boiler for long, especially through colder weather, so if you don’t have insurance, you’ll need to make sure that you have access to savings when they’re needed.

A boiler isn’t something you can just do without, and it’s unlikely to wait until payday.

What to Do When Your Boiler Stops Working

If your boiler stops working and you’ve got no hot water from taps, the first step is to check the boiler pressure. You may be able to add some water and get your boiler started on your own. Monitor your boiler in the coming days to see if the pressure drops again. If your water pressure’s dropping quite frequently, you may have a leak that must be dealt with.

Other boiler problems aren’t easy to fix on your own. Don’t take risks, but call for help from a Gas Safe boiler engineer. That’s the only way you’ll know you aren’t making your home unsafe.

Most boilers come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This can cover your boiler for anything from 1 year to 10 years. Check the paperwork that your boiler came with, to see if you’re covered by a warranty, either due to the timeframe or the nature of the fault. Then, contact your manufacturer to arrange a repair or replacement.

If your boiler isn’t covered by a warranty, you can claim on boiler insurance if you have it. If not, you’ll need to be prepared to fund the repairs from your own pocket.

Search for an engineer using the Gas Safe Register. Anyone can claim that they’re Gas Safe registered, but checking the official list proves it. This due diligence makes sure that you’re trusting someone that’s professionally qualified. They can also provide you with a legal gas safety certificate once the work is carried out so that you know it has been left safe and tested for you to use.

Consider the cost of a brand new boiler, which is typically around £400 to £800 but can be slightly more or less. Also find out the age of your boiler, for some idea of its remaining lifespan. It helps to be aware of these important details before an engineer finds the problem. You’ll be better equipped to make a decision about repairing the boiler or replacing it.

Protecting Yourself From Future Boiler Breakdowns

If you don’t have savings or boiler insurance, repair costs can come as a very nasty surprise. You can’t just ignore boiler problems, so there’s a good chance you’re getting into debt for boiler repairs or replacement, especially as a third of Brits have less than £600 in savings at any time. Even if you can afford the new boiler, you may leave yourself depleted in case of any other more common issues such as car repairs.

You can pay for a new boiler with a credit card or loan if you are able to get one. Some companies might offer new boilers on credit, though you’ll still have to pay for your boiler engineer with their callout fees and labour charges.

Boiler repairs can leave you in a precarious financial position, looking for money that you don’t really have because a boiler is a piece of essential equipment. Of course, if you’ve struggled to pay for repairs, then you’ll want to be more prepared next time. Household appliances can break without warning, so it’s important to have money set aside.

Is It Worthwhile Buying Boiler Insurance?

When you bear in mind the cost of a boiler system, many people find it cost-effective to take of boiler insurance. The premium is paid will depend upon the level of cover you require but especially the large family this gives peace of mind that you will have constant hot water. There is nothing worse and having no hot water in the wintertime!

Is There a Limit on Boiler Insurance Claims?

This is where the industry can divert a little. Some insurance policies will be unlimited while others may cap pairs that see a couple of thousand pounds. It is very important that you know exactly what you are buying, the level of cover and whether this is applicable to your situation.

The last thing you want is to have problems with your boiler system and then find out the cover you expected is not there.

Money Savings Advice Tip

Boilers go wrong and fail all the time and most of the time can be very expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance. Our top tip is to investigate boiler insurance in more detail, get a whole of the market quote and get an insurance package that works for you, you will be surprised how cheap white goods insurance can be and be protected when your boiler goes wrong.

What Costs Does the Boiler Insurance Policy Cover?

A traditional boiler insurance policy will cover repairs, parts and labour costs. When you bear in mind that the boiler engineer would charge a significant callout fee before even beginning work on your boiler system, this type of cover can be very useful.

When taking out your policy is important to note the number of hours covered by your insurance. On occasion, we have seen some companies stipulating a maximum number of hours after which you would be obliged to pay the engineers fees.

Can I Get Specific Boiler Insurance for My Boiler System?

Whether looking at conventional gas, condensing gas, a combo or oil/solid fuel, you can buy a boiler insurance cover any of these devices. As a boiler system is essential to many homes, we have seen significant growth in this area cover almost any boiler you can think of.

Can I Buy Insurance Cover for My Old Boiler System?

There is a general cut-off point of around 15 years. So if your boiler system is more than 15 years old, there’s every chance that you will struggle to find a policy. Even if you do find a policy, the chances are that you will pay a relatively high premium because of the risks associated with older boiler systems.

Where you are looking to ensure an older boiler system, the insurance company may well send out one of their engineers to carry out a review.

Do I Still Need to Maintain My Boiler?

Yes. There have been occasions in the past where insurance companies have refused to pay out on boiler insurance because the individual is not carried out even the most basic of maintenance. These are very complicated and potentially very expensive systems. You need to ensure they are maintained and checked on a regular basis.

Will My Boiler Insurance Policy Offer Technical Assistance?

Yes, if you have any questions, then you will have a telephone number to call for technical assistance. On occasion, the on-site technicians may be able to advise you of actions you can take the reset and fix your boiler system. Otherwise, they will arrange an engineer visit you as soon as possible -with many insurance companies looking for a visit within 24 hours.

How Can Money Savings Advice Help You With Boiler Insurance?

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