The Freezer Has Stopped Working: Here Is Our MSA Guide to Fixing It


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Money Savings Advice Guide to fixing your freezer

In most cases, you won’t be able to fix your freezer on your own if it breaks. Still, it’s good to have some idea of potential problems and costs. Some freezer repairs can be done without professional help.

No doubt, you depend on your freezer. If your freezer breaks, you could lose a lot of food, as well as storage you need to buy more. Nowadays we have busier lifestyles than ever, so it just isn’t practical to buy only fresh food and visit the shop every few days.

Your freezer is an important appliance that does a vital job in your home, so if it breaks, you’ll want to know how to fix it.

Read on for our guide to repairing your freezer, so you can fix yours if it stops working.

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Common Broken Freezer Problems


You might worry that your freezer is broken if it sounds louder than usual. If it’s still working properly, a bit of extra noise isn’t a problem on its own. If you want to save money, see if you can live with the increase in volume. Many freezers sound louder at some times than others, so you might not need to pay for repairs.

If the sound is too distracting, seek professional guidance as there could be several possible problems with the motor or the fan that circulates cold air.


A build-up of frost is another common problem that could be easily fixed. This might happen because you accidentally left your freezer door ajar. Alternatively, the door seal may have become worn or damaged.

It’s easy to replace a damaged door seal yourself. A soft, white and snowy frost is a sign that your freezer’s too cold, so you might want to double-check and raise the temperature slightly. If you can’t diagnose and fix the problem on your own, speak to an engineer who may need to repair a sensor or heater.

If your freezer is supposed to be a No Frost model, it could be that the fans circulating cold air have developed a fault. This would need an engineer’s visit to resolve. Some older freezers will frost up over time, so don’t call an engineer immediately if your freezer has frosted over – it may just be a sign that you’re overdue to defrost it.

Leaking Water

Your freezer might be leaking water if you left it slightly open accidentally. This may simply be a sign that ice inside has melted and escaped through gaps in the seal. Alternatively, it could be that a drain has been blocked or has frozen over.

Switching off your freezer and letting it defrost completely could be enough to fix this problem. You may need a new condensation pan, if defrosting your freezer doesn’t fix it.

Too Warm

If your freezer is set to the right temperature, but still seems too warm, there are several potential issues. It might surprise you to know that whilst a freezer can be overfilled; it can also be underfilled as well. Underfilling your freezer can have an impact on efficiency, so you’ll want to aim to have your freezer roughly 70-80% full.

If your freezer’s too full, you could be blocking vents and causing air circulation problems. More serious problems can include problems with evaporator coils, broken sensors or damaged control board. If you’ve checked that your freezer isn’t overfilled or underfilled, it may be time to call in the professionals.

Getting Professional Help With Repairs

Freezers are costly electrical appliances with delicate components and refrigerant chemicals inside them. Whilst it’s tempting to try fixing problems on your own, there’s a chance that you’ll do more harm than good.

First, diagnose the problem and look for easy fixes. Then, if they don’t work, you’ll need to call in the professionals. Engineers can fix home appliances, or tell you if it’s better to replace your broken freezer if it’s already old and worn out.

Cost of Freezer Repairs

Some freezer repairs are relatively cheap, though others might not seem worthwhile in comparison to the cost of buying a new freezer. When a brand new freezer can cost less than £150, you might decide that freezer repair costs aren’t worth it. Of course, some freezers are much more expensive, and it may be more worthwhile to extend the life of a top-of-the-range home appliance.

You might consider claiming on your white goods insurance or appliance insurance if you’ve got it. Check before you claim, to see if you’ll be charged an excess for your insurance callout. If you will be charged excess, or if your insurer can’t get an engineer to your house the same day, you might prefer to spend your money on calling out an engineer yourself.

Many people get household appliance insurance to protect them from appliance breakdown costs. If you don’t have that in place or decide it’s not a worthwhile investment, try to build up savings that you can dip into if your freezer stops working.

What to Do When Your Freezer Stops Working

If your freezer’s stopped working, your first step should be looking for the easiest fixes. Many common problems can be solved very cheaply without calling in professionals. A new freezer door seal, also known as a door gasket, doesn’t need to cost much at all. Your freezer might just need switching off and defrosting and could work like new once you’ve done this.

Many common problems can be resolved with a little help from video guides. Check YouTube for step-by-step instructions to solve your freezer issues.

If you can’t fix your freezer on your own, you will need to call an engineer. Don’t take risks by trying complex repairs by yourself – the complexity of the freezer’s cooling system and the chemicals involved aren’t worth messing with unless you know what you’re doing.

Consider claiming on appliance insurance, if you have it, as a way of getting an engineer to visit and diagnose the problems without costing you too much.

Freezer and Appliance Warranties

Manufacturers will offer standard warranties when they sell home appliances. You’ll also have the option to purchase an extended warranty. A warranty protects you if your freezer breaks down and can cover the cost of repairs.

If your freezer’s broken, check to see if you’re still covered by a warranty. This could save you a lot of money if your freezer breaks within the first year. You must be sold goods fit for purpose, and a freezer that breaks within the first 12 months isn’t able to do what it’s designed for.

Always try to keep hold of receipts and any proof of purchase. This will act as evidence if you need to claim on a warranty. You can contact the manufacturer directly or may be able to get help with your warranty through the seller that you bought your appliance from.

What Is White Good Insurance?

Often referred to as major appliance or domestic appliance insurance, white good insurance covers machines in the home such as those used for cooking, washing laundry or the storage/preparation of food. In reality, this takes in anything from a cooker to a freezer, dishwasher to a fridge and more.

Do I Need to Insure My Freezer?

When looking at freezer cover, this is slightly different to the majority of so-called white good insurance policies. For example, if the machine was to breakdown, then you may be forced to throw away literally hundreds of pounds of food.

It is therefore very important that you consider freezer insurance both from a repair side and, very often, you can insure yourself for any goods lost.

Money Savings Advice Tip

Home appliances go wrong and fail all the time and most of the time can be very expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance. Our top tip is investigated home appliance and white goods insurance in more detail, get a whole of the market quote and get an insurance package that works for you, you will be surprised how cheap white goods insurance can be.

Am I Covered for Mechanical and Electrical Breakdowns?

Yes. Freezer cover will generally cover you for any mechanical and electrical issues. When you bear in mind the popularity of so-called American freezers, it is not difficult to see the value in cover for electrical problems. Many of these machines have a mind of their own!

Will There Be Any Additional Costs When Repairing My Freezer?

Standard freezer insurance policies will cover repairs, parts and labour costs. Many insurance policies will have a limit per claim over which you would need to cover any excess. However, this is something you need to investigate when looking at freezer insurance policies so that you don’t get any nasty surprises further down the line.

Can I Personalise My Level of Insurance Cover?

Yes. The majority of insurance companies will be flexible with regards to a monetary limit per claim. It is worth remembering that the lower the limit per claim, the lower your premiums and conversely, the higher the limit per claim, the higher your premiums. This is something to discuss with insurance providers when looking at different policies.

What if My Freezer Is Not Repairable?

Standard freezer insurance policies today will often incorporate a replacement clause. This means that if your freezer is not repairable, then they will replace it with a like-for-like machine where possible.

It may be slightly different if your machine is out of date or not in stock, but you should receive a comparable machine. When you compare the long-term cost of freezer insurance, it is certainly worthwhile asking about the replacement clause.

How Quickly Will My Freezer Be Repaired?

There is no hard and fast rule with regard to the timescale for repairs, but the majority of insurance companies will look to have an engineer with you within 24 hours. Obviously, on some occasions, this may not be possible and depending upon the type of repair, the engineer may need to order specific parts and call back at a later date to finish the repair.

Insurance companies are very adept at using emails, text and other systems so that you know exactly what is going on.

Can I Call an Insurer for Help With Simple Repairs?

There may be occasions where an engineer is not required to carry out simple repairs to your freezer. This is because many insurance companies offer in-house technical assistance which is just a phone call away. If the issue is repairable over the phone they will tell you; otherwise they will organise an engineer visit.

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